Let's dress modestly


••Second Summer Style••
For summer the skirts are the best cos you can wear that with different style and colors : You can be classic with skirt and shirt or have a comfortable style with T-shirt. Let’s you imagination play :P

I really want to see all of your eid outfits!

Please do tag me if you post selfies :)


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Is there such a thing as humanity? Or is it more like: “My group is suffering now so I’ll finally speak up..about them and only them.”

“Eat, drink, wear new clothes and give money for charity without extravagance or miserliness. Allah likes to see the effect of His bounties on His servants”


Prophet Muhammad (sawa)

Bihar al Anwar, v70, p207

(via 14noor)


Ramadan around the world + Iftars! 

China, USA, Australia, Sudan, Kenya, Morocco